I’m Christina- a maker, a lover, a do-gooder.

Hello there and thanks for visiting! I’ll make this quick as it’s easiest to get to know me by reading my blog posts and exploring my website.

I’m in my late-20’s, born and raised in New Jersey. I spent the last 7 years adventuring around 6 different cities in upstate New York. My time in the Hudson Valley of NY has opened my eyes to a type of living I could only call ideal. The communities where I lived were based around local farmers, artisans, and service. I believe that is what formed my desire to create products that help my green life style by combining function, sustainability, and style.

Join me on my quest to a fully sustainable life and attitude. I’m far from perfect, but I’m making some big strides and changes in how I live and the things I make.

I’ll be sharing lots of DIY projects and tips for a sustainable lifestyle.


Let’s make something together!

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