Current projects – welcome spring!!

The gorgeous spring-time weather we’re having in New Jersey right now is inspiring! I am full to the brim with ideas and I’ve gotta jot them down before I overflow!

Embroidery has been my go-to project lately. Over the winter, I worked on a larger piece that took months.

Can you guess the song that inspired me to make this?

I’m not 100% sure if it’s finished yet. I spent about 15 hours on it, so I need a break. I’m setting it down and moving on to other projects until I feel inspired again. Eventually, I want to create a whole series of song lyric embroidery pieces to put in my child’s room. It’s an idea my fiance and I have been excited to work on for years! He has some great ideas and I’ve for the hands to create them! (Syd Barrett’s Effervescing Elephant anyone??)

As for right now, I’m focusing smaller projects while I wait for some supplies to ship for a beach bag I’m making for a regular client.

Tiny little embroidery designs have been my go-to. They’re quickly satisfying and perfect for practicing new stitches. They will be made into little teabag wallets, inspired by Just Jude Design’s pattern that can be found here. I LOVE her tutorial! It’s simple and easy to follow. Even as an experienced seamstress, I enjoyed the instructions and photos. The simple design allows for easy editing. I need to reach out to the pattern’s author because I’d love to use the tutorial in a beginner’s sewing class.

So far, I made one tea bag wallet for my friend’s birthday gift. Unfortunately I sent it all the way to Texas before taking any photos of it! Anyone else do that?? I get so excited that forget to document it. Oh well. For now, I’ve finished these four little designs. I have a few more at various stages of completion.

I’ve draw enough tea cups, so now I’m moving on to windows. I love windows! I never knew until I started drawing them.

I’m not the best artist, but I think they’re coming out well!

Once I master the basic shapes with pencil, I’ll move on to embroidery. That reminds me – I need graph paper, a light box, and a washable fabric pen.

Bag-making is being moved to the back burner for now. I have a few orders on deck, but I’m enjoying the little break while I wait for the supplies to arrive at my doorstep.

Well that’s enough about me! What are you excited for this spring? Any creations or plans in the works that you’re loving? Anything you’re not particularly looking forward to?

Here’s a photo of my bubby enjoying the later sunrise – thanks day light savings!!

Published by Christina

Hi there, I'm Christina and I spent the last 7 years adventuring around 6 different cities in upstate New York. My time in the Hudson Valley of NY has opened my eyes to a type of living I could only call ideal. The communities where I lived were based around local farmers, artisans, and service. I believe that is what formed my desire to create products that help my green life style by combining function, sustainability, and style. Join me on my quest to a fully sustainable life and attitude. I’m far from perfect, but I’m making some big strides and changes in how I live and the things I make. I’ll be sharing lots of DIY projects and tips for a sustainable lifestyle.

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